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Buy Wine Here!!

Indian Island Winery is now shipping wine!!

Shipping outside of Minnesota:

Indian Island Winery can only ship to certain states due to various state laws. If you are shipping to residents of ALASKA, FLORIDA, IDAHO, LOUISIANA, MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW MEXICO, NEVADA, NORTH DAKOTA, OHIO, OREGON, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON D.C., WEST VIRGINIA AND WYOMING please use the link that says Click here to order if shipping outside the state of Minnesota. Any other state we cannot ship to at this time.

Click Here to Order if shipping outside the state of Minnesota.

Shipping within Minnesota: Please order below. Free shipping on orders of 12 bottles or more. Note: Adult Signatures(21+) are always required upon delivery for shipments of wine.

White Wines (listed dry to sweet):


Island Smoke - $12.95 + tax 750mL Semi-Dry white blend with Prairie Star and Louise Swenson (both Elmer Swenson varieties). Aged lightly with American Oak Chips with hints of pear and citrus. Food examples: Fish, Poultry.


Prairie Wind - $12.95 + tax: 750mL  A semi-dry white wine. Citrus aromas and flavors. Great with deep fried walleye, seafood, and pork. Comparable to Seyval Blanc.




St. Pepin: $12.95 + tax: 750mL Semi-sweet white table wine with pear and melon notes. Great with fresh fruit, cheese, and seafood.



Petite Amie - $12.95 + tax: 750mL  Semi-sweet white table wine. Very floral rose petal aromas. Great with garden greens, pasta salads, and seafood. Like nothing else you've ever tried.


LaCrescent - $12.95 + tax: 750mL  Sweet white table wine with lots of citrus, grapefruit, tropical, and light honey notes. Food pairings: Spicy foods, Mexican, thick pastas, and cheese. Most comparable to Riesling.


 Brianna - $12.95 + tax: 750mL A great summer wine with citrus/pear/ tropical notes. Good for barbeques, ham, etc. If you are looking for a Moscato wine, we do not have one, but this is a great Minnesota wine to try in place of it!


Frontenac Gris - $12.95 + tax: 750mL  Sweet white table wine with apricot and peach aromas. Great with fresh fruit and pastas with white or cream sauce.

Blush and Rosè Wines:


Maiden Blush - $13.95 + tax: 750mL  Citrus notes with hints of cherry. Perfect for sweet wine fans. Very refreshing. Blend with Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, and LaCrescent.



Frontenac Rosè: $13.95 750mL Semi-Sweet Red table wine. Black cherry flavors and aromas. Great with pasta, pork, pheasant, duck, and many other foods. It’s like a white zin with a kick.


 Dreamcatcher - $12.95 + tax: 750mL Sweet Red blend with Bluebell, King, of the North, and Sabrevois. Very fruit forward and grapey. Great with spicy entrees and grilled food. Comparable to Concord.

Red Wines (listed dry to sweet):


Hunter's Red Reserve - $15.95 + tax: 750mL  Completely dry red wine. Smooth tannins. Raspberry notes with hints of blackberry. Aged with American oak chips. Great with steak, hard cheese, buffalo, and wild game. Most comparable to a Cabernet Sauvignon.



St. Croix - $15.95 + Tax 750mL Semi-dry red table wine. Lightly aged with American Oak chips. Hints of plum and currant. Great with red pasta dishes, pork, and grilled meats.


 Village Marquette - $13.95 + tax:  750mL Very fruity Semi-Sweet Red table wine with strawberry and raspberry notes. This is much fruitier, slightly sweeter version of our original Marquett wine. It's amazing how many different styles of wine you can make with the same variety!



 Dancing Spirit (White Port-Style): $16.95 (7% R.S. & 18.1% alc) This wine is made from 100% Frontenac Gris. It is a white port style wine that pairs nicely with chocolate, cheesecake, or used for sipping on its own.


Napin-Nagi - $16.95 + tax: 375mL  Very smooth, Port-style dessert wine made from the Frontenac grape variety. Great with dark chocolate, t-bone steak, etc. Napin-Nagi means "Strong Spirit" in the Native Dakota language. 


Midnight Fantasy - $11.95 + tax 375mL  Indian Island Winery has created the perfect "midnight fantasy". Liven up your evening with a bottle of wine. This wine is made from the Frontenac grape variety and is infused with chocolate creating an elegant flavor of chocolate covered cherries. What a perfect wine for a romantic evening!


 Wita- Pa: $14.95 Seasonal    Sweet red dessert table wine. Cinnamon and spice flavors fill this wine with holiday spirit. Recommended to serve lightly warmed. Great with turkey, pumpkin pie, and chocolate.


 Indian Island Ice: $49.95 NOW AVAILABLE! Indian Island Ice is a “true” ice wine harvested in mid December with an air temperature of 5 degrees above zero. After 36 hours of pressing the frozen grapes, we ended with juice at a high sugar level of 40 brix. It was fermented to about 12% alcohol and remains with about 19% residual sugar. It is a dessert Ice wine made with the Frontenac Gris grape. It has aromas of peach and apricot and goes great with cheesecake, hard cheeses, and many other foods.

Indian Island Winery 507-234-6222 18018-631st Ave  Janesville, MN 56048

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